Oct 30, 2018
Wedding Photography Guide - Top Tips and Couple Poses for To-Be brides & grooms!

When you're getting married, there are a thousand things on your mind - from outfits to decor to guests to food. In all this madness, people often forget to focus on one of the most important aspects - creating everlasting memories through beautiful wedding photographs. If you've chosen the right wedding photographer, half your work is done, as you can rest assured he'll take care of all technicalities from lighting to angles to not missing those precious moments. Then how is it that you as a 'to be married' couple can prepare for the best wedding album?

Based on my years of experience as a wedding photographer, these 10 evergreen couple poses and posing tips are enough to get you all set!

1. Get Comfy!

couple poses

Tip #1 Book your pre wedding shoot with the photographer you plan to choose for your wedding photography! This is the best way to get truly comfortable and friendly with your photographer in your own space and way, much before the stressing wedding week is upon you.

If you haven't or can't do this, there are other ways to get in the comfort zone.

Tip #2 Chit chat over your Cuppa! Most of us love relaxing over a drink, whether it is coffee, tea or a chilled beer. So plan and meet your wedding photographer for all ideas exchange and discussions in a casual setting where you actually get to know him or her as much as he gets to see you guys as a couple.

2. Discuss Ideas much before the wedding week starts!

Its good to start discussing ideas with your wedding photographer much before the wedding madness begins.

couple poses

Tip #1 Whenever you meet, go over some of his latest portfolio or weddings to help identify the style that you love the most and convey it to him.

Wedding Photography Guide

Tip #2 Discuss the possibility of using techniques like drones, underwater shots or the importance of covering any special events like flash mobs, planned surprises, proposals etc.

3. Hand over lists!

Wedding Photography Guide

It is important to make these lists and hand them over to your wedding photographer -

  • Important people in both families and friends who must be covered
  • Itinerary of your wedding functions, timings and venues
  • Names of other important wedding vendors - Videographers, Wedding planners, decor artists, makeup artists etc
  • Poses and shots that you feel must be covered

Once you three are on the same page, chances are the final results will leave you all happy.

Wedding Photography Guide

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