Aug 15, 2018
Wedding Photography Secrets: The Smallest Things Make The Biggest Differences!

While people focus on the grandeur that Indian weddings offer, it is the detailing that matters when it comes to photographing them. Even if you end up clicking amazing photographs, they won't matter if you miss out important aspects (both big and small) of each event. Often times, while the photographer is concentrating on clicking the bride and the groom, some important friends or relatives get missed out or arriving late to a ceremony leads to missing out on some crucial activities that took place.
Being a wedding photographer is a huge responsibility - it shouldn't be treated like a project because you are responsible for making memories that will last a lifetime for someone. Thus, here are a few tips to holistically cover weddings:
- It is imperative to be punctual for each event or ceremony. - To keep a track of all the festivities, make a list of their date and time and keep it handy.- Coordinate with someone from the wedding party who knows the families well, so that no one gets missed out in your photographs. - Do everything while being just a shadow...don't disrupt events our disturb the bride and the groom. It should seem like you aren't even there - that will help you in capturing the moments at their most natural and beautiful form. - Keep some time aside to get behind the scenes - take shots of the bride and the groom getting ready.- Make sure to take family portraits at every event - those are the ones that are cherished the most!- Also, it's always good to take shots of gifts at the weddings - especially in Punjabi or Marwari weddings. The wedding party will definitely appreciate it.- While taking a food break (which is a must), make sure that your whole team is not taking a break at the same time. Try making it a quick bite and avoid eating when the guests are eating. Remember, no matter how you are treated, you on duty and not a guest. No matter how friendly the wedding party gets, it all comes down to how well you have covered the wedding. - It's important to smile while shooting. A smile is welcoming and automatically makes people feel comfortable. 
Paying attention to these small things is the difference between a good photographer and a great photographer. These hacks will carry you that extra mile while covering weddings.