Jul 14, 2018
Bridal Portraits - How to Make A Bride Feel Comfortable!

While shooting people, especially brides, it is very important to keep in mind that it is more important to make the bride feel comfortable than to aim for a brilliant image. If the bride is at ease with you, the images will automatically come out great!
So here are the things that I usually do when I'm clicking portraits while covering weddings:
- Weddings, especially big fat Indian weddings, are usually chaotic (in a good way). This means that there is that much more attention on the bride. This makes some brides nervous. The trick is to start interacting with the bride from the beginning, before you even start shooting. Reach the wedding and understand the personality of the bride. 
- Once you do that, you will know if the bride is nervous or not, whether she is shy or outgoing, whether she is reserved or not. 
- Build a conversation with her accordingly. 
- I usually talk to them about shopping (as even I love shopping) and it is something that every bride can relate to. 
- Be a good listener. Don't just talk to her for the sake of making conversation. Try and reach out as a friend. 
- Indulge in topics that will excite them, like their holiday plans after the wedding, their likes and dislikes, etc. 
If you manage to strike up a conversation and build a friendly relationship, instead of just being the 'photographer', it will lead to amazing wedding photography. The bride will not hesitate to pose or even experiment with poses because of the comfort level you would have achieved with her. And as we all know, happy brides are the prettiest!