How big is the team? 

We usually have a crew of 2-3 cinematographers (candid style) and 2-3 photographers (candid and documentary style).Everyone on the team works together and specializes on different lenses and styles, including aerial and underwater.

What elements are included in the package? 

The standard package consists of two videos; first is a traditional 30-35 minute long film,capturing the best moments of your wedding, including bytes of you and your loved ones narrating your story. The second film is a three to five minute trailer of all the functions, capturing the highlights. In addition to this, all the soft copies of the images are also provided.

How many albums do you give? 

We provide our clients with two coffee table books with 180-200 selected album pictures. 

Are there any other additional costs that are not mentioned in the package?

Travel, food and accommodation for the team are borne by the client.

How is the music for the video selected? 

Music and song selection is a joint decision between the director, client and the editing team. A client coordinator from the studio takes care of this. Usually the creative visualizer of the project takes care of all these details. The film titles are usually suggested either by the client or the film director and approved by both.

What is the ideal time to shoot the bytes for the wedding video?

This can be recorded anytime during the shoot in a quite area. We do not do any interviews / audio bytes once the wedding is over. We usually lock all interviews on the very first day, as it gets stressful as the functions proceed.

Is it possible to make a trailer to show on the wedding day/reception?

Yes, this service is referred to as "Same Day Edits" and they is a great way to showcase some of the best moments of the wedding instantly. However, this is an expensive process, as extra equipment, setup and editor is required to produce this, which adds to the final cost of the package.

How many pictures are provided in the package? 

It’s difficult to determine the exact number of images that will be taken over a typical three-day wedding. However, we aim to shoot approximately 3000-4500 through out all the functions. All images are colored and exposure edited, given to you in a high-resolution JPEG format on a 1tb hard drive, which is provided by you.

Is it possible to bring in another team of photographers/ videographers apart from your team?

Yes, but it is not preferable. You are paying us big bucks to do the job. Save money and hire only one team. The other advantage of this is that all your footage and images will be of the same quality and you don’t have to worry about coordinating with two separate teams.

During a wedding shoot, the stills team and the video team should have harmony and co-ordination in order to get the best results. Although, we prefer handling both together, we are comfortable with handling either depending on the comfort of the client.

Can you explain the concept of a pre wedding shoot?

A pre-wedding shoot is a private photo/video shoot of the couple, shot prior to the wedding that portrays the bond they share with each other. Since wedding is a hectic and stressful time, the couple gets this day off with each other. This shoot can be taken in a casual outfit, which is different from the typical heavy wedding attire. It can also be used in the highlight film or as a separate pre-wedding film, which can be shown during sangeet or on the wedding day. A typical pre-wedding shoot lasts between two-four hours. The clothes / styling / makeup for the pre-wedding shoot is to be arranged by the client.

How do you deliver the raw footage?

Everything that has been shot by us is your property. We do not hold back anything. You get all the RAW videos as well as the final videos on a 1 terabyte hard drive provided by you.

What are the timelines for the elements?

As per the contract, we deliver everything within 30 to 90 days from the last day of shooting. This means the simpler deliverables like images are delivered within 25-30 days after the wedding and the full films can take about 45-60 days depending on the season workload. Please note, during the wedding season, we can run a little behind on our time lines. The highlight film and trailer can take upto 60-90 days for the delivery.

However, in order to meet the timelines, we require two basic documents from you for the highlight film. First document is for the music selection, consisting of sound tracks you want for various sections of the film. The second document is the credits for the opening and closing sections of the film. A delay in receiving these documents will exponentially push the delivery dates of the highlight film. As a thumb-rule, we expect these two things from the couple within 30-45 days after the wedding.

Why does it take 60-90 days for the HL video?

Film editing is a tedious and creative process, and we work with some of the best editors in the industry, who are perfectionists and believe in delivering the highest quality. After seeing hours and hours of footage they select the best of the best shots for the HL film, which is a very time consuming process. As a thumb-rule, each minute of final edit takes about one day to finalize, from the day the final edit begins. We can assure you that once you see the final result, it will be totally worth the wait!